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海南飞鱼彩票历史开奖 Since its founding in 1952, Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co., Ltd.(thereafter referred to as DFAM) has been dedicated to serving the needs of farmers with durable and reliable agricultural machinery.

With the headquarter located in Changzhou, China, DFAM supports more productive farming through a wide range of agricultural equipment such as four-wheel tractors, walking tractors,combines and other tractor-mounted  implements of front-end loaders, backhoes, mowers, and the related spare parts as well.

DFAM employs more than 2,000 workers and staff members, including engineers worldwide to guarantee a better quality to our loyal customers. In recent years, its annual production capacity for four-wheel tractors and walking tractors has been increased respectively t0 55,000 set and 100, 000 sets in response to a strong demand from domestic and global market.Simultaneously its total revenue has triumphed 309 million of US Dollars.

DFAM products are marketed under four core brands in global market:  DF?, Dongfeng?,DFAM? for tractors and Town Sunny? for farm implements. DFAM has successively established the Dongfeng Europe Company in German and the Dongfeng USA Company in USA for serving its users more closely. The extensive network of dealership ensures Dongfeng's presence in 105 countries all over the world, especially in Europe, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, etc.

Continuing to update the standard for our tractors, DFAM has become more sensitive to thedemands of farmers all over the world. With our sincere commitment, wherever you are, youcan be sure we'II be close at hand: with our dealers, our service, and our group cor)oration.

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